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About Us

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A Brief Overview of RecovaDebt

We are experts in business and personal debt collection. We employ a range of techniques that ensure unrivalled results to recover the most delinquent debts.

The incidence of bad debt spreads across all players in all sectors of the economy. No organization is exempt from the phenomenon of owing customers. Most Companies simply write off the outstanding as bad debt and attempt to move on. The less fortunate ones close up shop.

As professionals in this field, we realize how crippling and stifling bad debt can be to an organization's growth. We also know that pursuing defaulting clients and customers can be tasking on the resources and time of organizations. This is why we step in to offer our support system in recovering these bad debts.

Having studied the phenomenon with the benefit of twenty-four (24) years of debt management and collection experience, we have developed an approach that we believe will drastically recover some of the debt an organization is being owed and reduce its bad debt portfolio.

In this approach, we offer proactive and efficient debt recovery services (hard & soft) through our team of experienced debt recovery practitioners, with no fee paid by the organization until we recover their funds.

We strive to get most of the debts of our clients recovered at highly competitive cost.

Quite simply, you will get more of your bad debts paid and it will cost you less. Here are some of the reasons why you can confidently hand over your debt recovery problems to our Debt Collections Agency;

  • We have over 20 years' experience in debt recovery,

  • Our resources include a nationwide network of debt collection offices,

  • We succeed in collecting 80% of debts that we pursue,

  • We work on a 'no collection no fee' basis,

  • Unlike many other debt recovery companies, we do not charge a signing-on fee for disputed or undisputed debts,

  • We are a one-stop shop for debt recovery; from credit control through to legal action,

  • We work in partnership with expert solicitors, insolvency practitioners and translators.

We don't just promise, our records speak for us. Become part of our success story